“In any group you have a few individuals who will speak up, and many who won’t.
[Instant Insight] allows you to find out what everyone is thinking about the issues.”

Instant Insight Audience Response System helps groups find common ground on issues that might otherwise be contentious. Instant Insight is an electronic facilitation tool that promotes audience participation in small or large group meetings. Individuals use simple 10-button keypads or their smartphones to wirelessly transmit their responses to yes-no, multiple choice, or ranked priority questions. Participants’ responses are instantly tabulated and results displayed for the group’s review or discussion.

Instant Insight (formerly Consensor™) is a powerful tool in any public input process because it helps “level the playing field” by allowing all participants to be heard regardless of their role in the group or their comfort with speaking in public. The technology is useful for holding elections, quickly prioritizing issues or tasks, or anytime you want to ask a question and get an instant response from your entire audience. Results can be filtered by pre-defined demographic groups during or after the event. By showing how different segments of the audience respond, Instant Insight can provide a more nuanced understanding of where a group stands on an issue.

Instant Insight is popular with audience members who often say it makes a long day more fun. It speeds formal voting by eliminating the need for time-consuming ballot counting. It can be used to test a group’s knowledge on a subject at the beginning or end of the day or be incorporated into ice-breaking or team-building activities such as jeopardy-style trivia games.